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Petite Planets


We're creating 10,000 unique, original and beautiful NFT planets. Based on our solar system and beyond, which will live on the Cronos chain.


Our first launch was on the Cronos Chain launch, Nov 8th, and we sold out in three days for our first 200 planets, and then we sold out in 8 minutes for our 600 Gen 2 planets On Dec 17th. We're also targeting future collections on other chains including Solana / Terra / Polygon / FTM / ONE.


Portions of the mint and royalty will go towards a Planet Killer burning mechanism which will periodically sweep the floor Planets from the secondary market. This will help to increase the floor price of the remaining NFT's as well as the rarity of the remaining attributes will increase.


In addition, we love the Earth that we're on, so we will also be donating a portion of mint and royalties to eco-initiative charities (WWF, Clean Air Task Force) as well as the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum #WAGMI

About Petite Planets

How can I get one?

Our Generation 1 of 200 Planets have Sold Out!


Generation 2 launched Dec 17th, and was also sold out in minutes. You can get either one of these exclusive Petite Planets from the Secondary Market on Ebisus Bay / Agora.

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Join our Discord and learn more about our community at

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